Howling Bells - Digital Hearts

Digital Hearts

Howling Bells

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Howling Bells - Digital Hearts

• It’s been a great start to 2009 for the Howling Bells. First they released their sophomore album ‘Radio Wars’ to widespread critical acclaim before heading out to complete a sell out UK tour. Now, with barely time to catch their collective breath the quartet of Juanita Stein, Joel Stein, Brendan Picchio and Glenn Moule are ready to unleash their singular charms on us all over again with the release of their second single ‘Digital Hearts’.
• Howling Bells are painting with vivid colours now. Take new single ‘Digital Hearts’ it’s a brilliant, uncomplicated, up tempo song. It’s the sound of a band on top of their game and their ambitions to write widescreen pop songs of substance being audibly realised. However, like all the Bells output and all great pop songs before it there’s a twist that cunningly belies its underling euphoria. Listen closely, ‘Digital Hearts’ might not be as sweet as you first thought.
• Howling Bells have been invited to tour the US with Coldplay throughout May and June.


• “Howling Bells remind us that music can still be magical” – The Fly
• “Accomplished, stunning and Beautiful – Artrocker
• “Prepare To Be Bewitched” – Clash
• “They’re on the verge of Unequivocal magnificence” - The Guardian
• “Confident, well executed rock n roll music made by people who have studied long and hard at the altar” - NME


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  1. Howling Bells - Digital Hearts
  2. Howling Bells - Stories

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